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These sites employ the use of AgoraCart. These are "live" stores.
Please do not make a purchase unless you really want the product.
No "dummy" orders on these sites, please.

All of these sites have been customize in one way or another to incorporate custom web design, custom product layout, etc...

Scottcrew Candle Supply

  >> This is our main store. It employs the use of the AgoraCart shopping cart engine and has been heavily modified. Uses multiple headers, international shipping, PayPal, etc..

Reedyville Goods

  >> This site employs the use of AgoraCart. Web design is by Scottcrew Web Services.

FlossAid Corporation

  >> The makers of BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders...
This site has 2 stores, one for consumers another for dentists. This site also has discounting for orders over a certain dollar amount. We tweaked the original design to give it a cleaner, more professional look.
We are also the webmaster for this site.

Absolute Health Chiropractic

  >> This site was designed and hosted by Scottcrew Web Services. Site utilizes Wordpress as its content management system.

Deliver Anything Now

  >> This site was designed and hosted by Scottcrew Web Services. Site currently utilizes Wordpress as its content management system. It is being redesigned to be integrated with AgoraCart to handle the shopping cart side of things.

Little Bouquet

  >> Little Bouquet offers Magnifying Make-up Eye Glasses and Eyeglass Cases.
This site utilizes AgoraCart's new Version 6.
This site boasts an original Scottcrew Web Services web design.

Laney Cheese Store

  >> A taste of Wisconsin heavenly cheeses... and more!
We incorporated the Laney Cheese website design into AgoraCart. This store uses the subcategories feature in both a vertical and horizontal layout.
Laney Cheese Store is hosted by Scottcrew Hosting.

Complete Lawn Care

  >> This site was designed by and is hosted by Scottcrew Hosting.

Happy Head Wraps

  >> Fashionable, Confortable, Reversible Head Wraps for Women.
Happy Head Wraps is hosted by Scottcrew Hosting and uses AgoraCart which integrated the web design into the cart.

Temple Carpentry

  >> Temple Carpentry provides full service finish carpentry. was designed by and is hosted by Scottcrew Hosting.

Landitude, Inc

  >> Mapping Solutions for Progressive Resource Management
We set up 2 stores for Landitude, Inc. One store handles the sales of software and literature. The other store is for current clients to pay for their consulting services invoices or quotes.

Tideline Clocks

  >> A clock that shows the high tide and low tide.

Custom Rawhide Horse Products

  >> Steve Guitron Custom Braided Horse Products.
This site also employs AgoraCart. This store uses a combination of static product pages and database driven pages to display products for sale. It has also had the regular site design integrated into AgoraCart for a seamless shopping experience.


This is just a few listing of sites we have worked with. Many more sites, that are not listed here, we have assited the webmasters with integrating their design or helped them learn about AgoraCart so they could integrate the shopping cart system with the current site they manage.

We are currently working with several other clients... as their sites or AgoraCart stores are completed they will be listed here in our portfolio.
To request a quote for integrating your site with AgoraCart or designing/webmastering your site, click on the appropriate link in the left navigation area.

Last updated July 26, 2011

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